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The Official Wine Club of the Green Bay Packers, Winning Standard Napa Valley, offering handcrafted Napa Valley wines.

Hear About Winning Standard

“The Packers are proud to team up with Fairwinds Estate Winery for our new Winning Standard wines, which have been crafted to honor our team’s tradition of excellence and championship history. We’re looking forward to sharing these wines with our fans and giving them a new way to celebrate the Packers no matter the season.”
Craig Benzel
Vice President of Sales & Business Development
“It is an honor to be working with the Green Bay Packers to bring Winning Tradition Napa Valley to the Frozen Tundra. My Lithuanian roots are anchored in Sheboygan, WI. These special wines are meticulously handcrafted in the spirit and tradition where toughness and grit are passed down through generations.”
Brandon R. Chaney
Proprietor & CEO, Fairwinds Estate Winery and Winning Standard Napa Valley
“I grew up in Wisconsin with Packers in my blood, something I share with all of those from our fine state (except for a few of those that live near the Illinois border who have some strange love for a foreign team). As soon as I was able, I bought Packers shares for myself and my six children. I am very proud to share this fine wine in celebration of the storied history and tradition of the Green Bay Packers. Go Pack!”
Anthony W. Zabit
Proprietor & COO, Fairwinds Estate Winery and Winning Standard Napa Valley

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